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Artists on the Ceres Records Label




Our resident muse, Julie Dalia comes to Ceres not just as a soprano whose voice lingers in memory, but as much more. Her diversity is astonishing as singer, musician, composer, producer, and writer. Aside from composing albums, Dalia produces music for the Internet and motion picture worlds, and does creative production for other artists and groups. Her education and focus have been arts oriented, combined with the techno worlds of recording and digital editing. She has worked in sound recording and has been favorably reviewed for her production work.

Ceres Records is proud to carry Julie Dalia's first album, SEPIA, which is receiving rave reviews at this time, and is available for purchase online.

Dalia also manages Ceres Records' Custom Music Services, which include commissioned works, motion picture scoring, and Internet music.

A native of the lush green sub-tropical environment of New Orleans and the Deep South, Dalia was early inspired by nature, yet the fading grandeur of Neo-Classical and gothic buildings, ruins, and their sublime settings also left deep impressions.

Her love of literature and poetry is lifelong, and she is a great appreciator of other arts and cultures. Her musical influences reflect this diversity, drawing from jazz, mountain and Civil War music; classical, rock, Indian traditional music, and others.

Dalia has said that most writings do not lend themselves to musical settings. She also writes professionally.

You can hear Julie Dalia live in performance at several upcoming events, listed on the NEWS page. Ceres is announcing auditions for musicians who might develop a new sound with Julie. (Click for SPECIFICS) If you think you might be one of these players, please contact us through . This is also the booking address for Ms. Dalia.

Dalia was educated in the United States and abroad. She enjoys the outdoors and loves her two black Labradors. Despite the often serious train of her artistic thought, she can be funny onstage and off, with wry humor and downright silliness. Dalia is currently based in New Orleans.

One of the finest folk musicians to emerge from the Pacific Northwest, Carl Vigilante has been gracing stages coast to coast. Carl's songs, guitar playing, singing, and performance presence bring meaning to Ceres Records' intaglio of  "Intelligent, Soulful Music."

Carl Vigilante's debut album, ONE WAY TICKET, is receiving great reviews with high praise for its songwriting, musicianship, and performance. Ceres proudly carries ONE WAY TICKET  for purchase online or by mail order.

If folk music is about the experience of life, Carl Vigilante IS folk music. After we tell you about what critics have dubbed his  "lickety-split guitar picking,"  his "rich and supple voice," and his ability to play many instruments, we've only told a fraction of the story. Carl Vigilante is truly a Renaissance man, yet one whose vision of a life lived close to the earth, of making one's world a better place, and of making people laugh, and sometimes cry, is lived out every day.

When he's not in the studio or writing songs, Vigilante is a massage therapist; he can build just about anything including guitars; he loves to backpack and hike, and if that's not enough, he is an outback conservationist crew leader who leads teenagers on summer-long trail-building excursions.

Photo by Kim Budd

If you've had the pleasure of seeing Carl Vigilante perform, you'd know that he is not only a gifted musician, but very spontaneous and sometimes extremely funny onstage. He has worked as a magician for children, and is a natural storyteller.

But what you won't learn from hearing him play is that he's also an accomplished visual artist. Carl has worked since his teens in pen & ink and watercolor, creating landscapes, home portraits and architectural renderings.

A native of Hershey, Pennsylvania, Carl grew up attuned to the natural world around him. Listeners can almost smell the autumn leaves burning when they hear Vigilante's songs. When big brother left for college, Mom put the guitar in Carl's hands and said "Learn these chords for church next week!" That was the beginning of a folk singer's life and inevitable wanderings from regular café gigs in Ft. Collins, CO, to festivals and mine workers' meetings around North Carolina, to fairs and concerts in Southern Oregon and beyond.

Carl describes himself as "tinkering with anything I can get my hands on" - pennywhistle, harmonica (he's actually a superb harpist); clarinet, accordion, saw, spoons, noseflute, and now piano. As comfortable playing for children and the elderly as onstage in concert, Carl says he'd like his music accessible to all, hence making it pure "folk" music.

In sum, it is not merely talent or musicianship that make a folk singer extraordinary - it's the ability to convey a sense of having lived one's songs. It's a rare performer who is able to capture a moment, a mood, or an audience. And capture us he has - Carl Vigilante's songs play in our heads, and Carl the person has gotten into our hearts at Ceres Records. We can only hope that his next CD is not long in the making…

To find out where Carl Vigilante may be performing near you, please see the NEWS page, and for booking information, please e-mail us at .